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EQesque: Are You Tuned in to Neuro-marketing?

Sales and marketing firm EQesque believe that in today’s competitive market, brands need to delve a little deeper if they are to really connect with customers. The firm is urging brands to put previous knowledge and data aside and instead focus on understanding buyer psychology.

The majority of business owners tend to make their decisions based on instinct and informal research, believes EQesque. However, although this can often result in a high rate of success, it can also be fraught with danger and risk and could also fail to align with customer thinking, points out the firm.

Instead, EQesque believes that business owners should try to understand how humans make decisions and the role the brain plays in this process in order to fully understand their customers and provide services that they truly desire. This field of study is called neuro-marketing. The aim of neuro-marketing is to use evidence gathered from modern studies, experiments, psychology and other scientific knowledge about the brain to reveal its reaction to various stimuli, then to leverage that data to determine how customers are impacted by aspects of marketing. The gathered knowledge is then applied with the intention of eliciting certain responses from marketing activities. In other words, it is the science of predicting and understanding buyer behaviour, outlines EQesque.

This could be hugely beneficial to marketers and business owners, highlights EQesque, because this gives them the knowledge of what a consumer really wants and the information to provide this in order to encourage more buying.

EQesque has outlined how to make the most of neuro-marketing:

  1. Affect as many senses as possible.
  2. Target emotional responses.
  3. Focus on relieving pain more than emphasising pleasure.

The firm believes that these three tips will help businesses to truly connect with consumers on a personal level and create improved brand-loyalty.

As a sales and direct marketing firm, EQesque uses neuro-marketing techniques regularly. The firm develops personalised marketing campaigns which are then taken directly to consumers. By connecting with consumers on a one-to-one basis the firm is able to get to know their consumers on a personal level and are able to establish which products would be right for them. This will lead to increased brand awareness, brand loyalty and customer acquisition for their clients.

EQesque have strong views surrounding emotional intelligence and feel that EQ represents an ability to understand emotions, focus without allowing emotions to interrupt and understand the emotions of others. The firm uses emotional intelligence to communicate that understanding effectively. The firm believes that emotional intelligence can be used particularly effectively in neuro-marketing.


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