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EQesque provide exciting work opportunities to young professionals

Securing a job that not only offers work but also an opportunity for professional and personal development is becoming increasingly difficult for Britain’s youth. EQesque discusses the challenges young people face and explain how their business opportunities aim to provide a solution to this difficult situation.

With a work environment that is constantly evolving, it is crucial for those looking to achieve success in the business world to notice that the social rules have changed. EQesque note that with entrepreneurship on the increase, it’s not always necessary to guarantee top jobs. Within the current business climate, many companies are being forced to make cutbacks in order to streamline their businesses. It is also becoming more difficult for the heavily populated graduate market to secure the top jobs and the opportunities are becoming increasingly sparse. With the increased number of graduates for employers to choose from, it is crucial for the job seeker to add extra value by adding to their personal skill set. Developing relevant work experience is the most favoured way to increase worth when trying to compete for an opportunity.

Sales and marketing firm EQesque offer young people fantastic opportunities to develop their experience in the working world by working with leading clients and participating in marketing campaigns. By focusing on establishing and enhancing a candidate’s skills they are attracting top candidates to the company. Alongside developing work experience, potential candidates also get the opportunity to participate in the company’s business development program where they offering guidance and coaching on the skills needed to run a successful business. The company prides itself on not charging for the business development program, only asking for a strong work ethic and student mentality in return. EQesque’s business model is created and maintained through continual assessment.

EQesque is a Waterloo-based sales and marketing firm that offer businesses a wide range of face-to-face marketing solutions. The firm meet with their clients’ customers directly and open up a mutual line of communication, connecting with them on a personal and emotive level. EQesque specialises in emotional intelligent conversation which helps to develop long-lasting customer relationships. These relationships allow their clients to learn more about the needs of their target market and encourage greater brand loyalty and an increase in overall sales.

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