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EQesque reveals how to manage customer service expectations

As consumer expectations grow and a more personalised service is demanded, sales and marketing firm EQesque has revealed how to manage customer service expectations.

Customer service expectations are directly tied to your customer support team’s success, believes sales firm EQesque. The firm state that customer support is also directly connected to your customer’s expectations and while you can measure success based on the number of problems resolved this still doesn’t lead to a good indicator of how your customers actually feel about the support provided. In order to be aware of that, you must be aware of what customers expect from your company, reveals EQesque.

The firm outlines that making sure customer expectations are managed and are always positive is vital especially among small businesses who rely on repeat custom and word of mouth in order to survive and thrive. Here, EQesque has revealed their top techniques for managing customer expectations successfully:

Understand your customers
Businesses need to know who their core customers are. They then need to understand what these customers want from their products and what is important to them when it comes to customer service. Surveys and ratings can help businesses to determine customer satisfaction and help businesses to understand whether they are meeting expectations.

Under promise and over deliver
Customers tend to have a desired customer service expectation and then one which they deem as sufficient. This can be used to a business’ advantage, state EQesque. By under promising customer support deliverables to customers and then making sure that promise is met as a minimum standard every time, businesses can ensure they are meeting expectations all the time and will exceed their desired expectations more often than not. By never over-promising businesses do not risk slipping up and risking their reputation.

Build strong relationships
When a support team treats customers as if they were a valued partner, they will begin to expect a certain type of interaction. How this relationship develops is completely in the business’ control. “When you approach a problem do so as a genuine person trying to solve another person’s problem, then your customers will come to know and respect you as just that – a real human being doing your best to help” highlights EQesque.

When customers are treated similarly every time they interact with a business they will develop an understanding of how the company works. If businesses do not work to build this rapport with consumers they risk this leading to feelings of confusion or mistrust.

Avoid poor service at all costs
If customers come to associate poor service with a brand it is unlikely they will continue to shop there. Even worse, they will tell others and they will avoid the brand too, which can directly impact the firm’s bottom line and damage reputation. For this reason, customer service expectations must be kept high.

EQesque is an outsourced sales firm based in Waterloo, London. The firm’s business model relies on high customer expectations and they ensure they deliver this through their method of understanding emotional intelligence in order to provide genuine marketing campaigns which reflect the needs of consumers. Consumers can expect to connect with the firm face-to-face in order to solve any issues quickly and easily. The firm guarantees a high standard of customer service and maintains this through one-to-one connections in order to encourage long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Source: http://customerthink.com/managing-customer-service-expectations/


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