EQesque have outlined their top tips to improving persuasion techniques.

Improve your powers of persuasion using EQesque’s top tips

Entrepreneurs require excellent persuasive skills in order to make their business a success. Here, sales and marketing firm EQesque have outlined their top tips for improving persuasion techniques.

EQesque believe that is important for entrepreneurs and business professionals alike to have excellent persuasive skills in order to get people to do what they want. The firm say whether it be investors, employees or prospects, entrepreneurs need to persuade people to come around to their way of thinking in order to be a success. However, the firm believe many people struggle to do this so they have offered their top tips to improve the powers of persuasion:

Encourage others to talk

A key factor in winning someone over is listening intently to what they have to say. This is because showing genuine interest makes a person more likely to open up and this will give the entrepreneur an understanding of how their idea can benefit the person. “The more the person talks the more they will trust you” highlights EQesque “and this is important when trying to influence someone.” Letting the other person talk is a great way to build rapport and establish a solid business relationship.

Make others feel important
Everyone wants to feel important which is why EQesque suggests that making people feel important is a great way to get them to trust you, which is vital when influencing others. To make people feel important EQesque suggests showing gratitude to let prospects know that you appreciate them, offering genuine interest to make them feel valued and providing value to make the other person’s life easier.

Show passion
Passion is important because emotion is one of the primary contributors to the reason we make the decisions we make. People act on emotion more than logic, so this is where passion must come in. Showing passion regarding the subject you are discussing will make your argument much more persuasive. “Emotions are contagious, the more passion you show, the more your prospects will feel it and the more they will feel influenced by you,” says EQesque.

Effective positioning
Beginning your conversation in the right way will have a huge impact on how the rest of the interaction will go. EQesque points out that you have to open the conversation in a way that makes you more persuasive. For example, outline the benefit you intend to provide the prospect and provide evidence as to why this is the best solution for them.

Invest in others
EQesque believe that you must make yourself as valuable to others as you can. The more willing you are to help people get what they want, the more likely they will be to accept what you’re proposing, highlights the firm.

EQesque believe greatly in emotional intelligence and are confident that understanding the emotions of others will help entrepreneurs to become more persuasive. The firm believe that the ability to recognize their own and other people’s emotions to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately will help entrepreneurs to use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour.

EQesque is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in South Bank, London, SE1. As specialists in emotional intelligence, the firm are able to connect with consumers on a personal level to offer them the product or service which bests suits their needs. By connecting with consumers on a face-to-face basis the firm are able to encourage long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumers. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.


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