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Want Better Results in 2016? Start Thinking Like a Customer Claims EQesque

EQesque urges business owners to start thinking like customers, as this is key to generating consistently high results and maintaining loyalty.

Building strong connections and relationships with customers is crucial towards building trust and gaining valuable feedback from consumers directly, finds EQesque. The outsourced sales and marketing firm says that listening to customers has led to the company’s on-going success. EQesque generated an increase in sales by over 25 per cent for their clients in Q3 this year. Customer loyalty is expected to rise by nearly 60 per cent in 2016. The firm fully agrees with Walmart Founder Sam Walton’s famous statement: “There is only one boss, the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” Companies maintain success and growth by running the business on behalf of customers.

EQesque encourages businesses to look at the needs of each of their customers. “For us, there is no such thing as an average customer. Everyone is different. It is time that firms recognise that and personalise the customer experience,” explains EQesque. A spokesperson says that nowadays it is easy to maintain great relationships with customers. “There are plenty of tools from data banks and computer systems to direct marketing.”

Australian Telco Telstra is a fantastic example of the high impact the consumer experience can have on a business, finds EQesque. Around eight years ago, the company was known for poor service, slow Internet speeds and institutional arrogance. This changed in 2009 when David Thodey took over as the CEO and transformed the company’s vision and reputation. On his first day in the business he made a clear statement that serving the customer was one of the firm’s main priorities. In fact, he looked at Net Promoter feedback and empowered employees to put the customer experience first, no matter what it takes. As a result, Australian Telco Telstra restored profit growth and became one of the most respected businesses in Australia.

Direct sales and marketing provider EQesque promotes and sells products and services on their clients’ behalf. “As a marketing company, we have the responsibility to raise brand awareness for our clients. It is important to build an excellent reputation for their brands and to put the customer first, listen carefully and build long-lasting relationships with them,” says a spokesperson of EQesque. By using emotional intelligence, EQesque’s sales force has personalised conversations with consumers and passes on relevant feedback, so the firm’s clients can act accordingly. “Desires change and customers constantly evolve their needs,” adds EQesque. “Therefore, we need to be in touch with people continuously and develop new strategies around consumer needs.”


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